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apprentice adj : in training; "an apprentice carpenter" [syn: apprentice(a)] n : works for an expert to learn a trade [syn: learner, prentice] v : be or work as an apprentice; "She apprenticed with the great master"

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  • /əˈpɹɛntɪs/


Old English apprentice, prentice, Old French aprentis, nom. of aprentif, from apprendare to learn, Latin apprendere, equiv. to apprehendere, to take hold of (by the mind), to comprehend. See Apprehend, Prentice.


  1. A trainee, especially in a skilled trade.
  2. One who is bound by indentures or by legal agreement to serve a tradesperson, or other person, for a certain time, with a view to learn the art, or trade, in which his master is bound to instruct him.
  3. One not well versed in a subject; a tyro or newbie.



  1. To put under the care and supervision of a master, for the purpose of instruction in a trade or business.


  • Webster 1913

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This article is about the practice of apprenticeship. For other uses, see The Apprentice (disambiguation).
Apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of skilled crafts practitioners. Apprentices (or in early modern usage "prentices") build their careers from apprenticeships. Most of their training is done on the job while working for an employer who helps the apprentices learn their trade. An informal, theoretical education may also be involved.


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